Ashley olsen and justin bartha dating

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Ashley olsen and justin bartha dating

"They were introduced and have started dating," a source confirmed.

Following her twin sister Mary-Kate's trend of dating older men - she has been in a relationship with 44-year-old Olivier Sarkozy for almost two years - Ashley's new man is 20 years her senior.

The pair recently enjoyed a cozy trip to Smith’s native Hawaii and were snapped basking in the sun on Maui on New Year’s Day, which got people buzzing about her identity.

“They were very cute with each other,” says an eyewitness.

star Justin Bartha, get their caffeine fix coffee together while running some errands in Los Angeles on Sunday morning (July 12).

Fox News just did a piece on the “Richest Young Stars: Then & Now,” featuring the Olsen Twins.

, the couple have been spending lots of time together in LA while Bennett makes the final cuts to his new film, and they were spotted on a dinner date at Dan Tana's in West Hollywood on 24 January.

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They write, “On their 17th birthdays, they were worth $150 million each, and at 18 they took control of their billion-dollar company, Dualstar.