Christina aguilera and samantha ronson dating

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Christina aguilera and samantha ronson dating

So, she was really great and we had such fun with that. I can't you know, she came to the set dressed in different outfits that related to the circus everyday, so she's such an imaginative, creative spirit that I just have such fun working with energy like that.

The transition to color begins when Aguilera appears in an old-fashioned dressing room, receiving flowers and then an important telegram saying, "In respect to inform you of the death of your father on the day of 02/09/1947." A flashback then shows a young Aguilera, played by Laci Kay, with her father, played by Timothy V.

"Hurt" received mixed to positive reviews from music critics, who praised her vocals but were ambivalent towards its production.

Aguilera's fifth studio album, Back to Basics, which consists of two discs, was released in August 2006.

The second disc, described by Aguilera herself as "a '20s, '30s vibe," was solely produced by her longtime collaborater–producer Linda Perry.

It was a top-ten hit in Europe and Oceania, entering the top ten of record charts in countries including Austria, Belgium, France, and Germany.

A music video the song was directed by Floria Sigismondi and co-directed by Aguilera.

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Aguilera has performed the song live on a number of occasions, including at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards and on Saturday Night Live.

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