Dating a guy with crooked teeth Naughty skype chat rooms

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If you want to do it without professional help, take a trusted fashion-savvy girlfriend or relative (NOT your mother) on a trip to the mall.

Take a good look at what's out there and buy yourself a few great new outfits that accentuate your coloring and your figure.

If your make-up looks better, they'll be looking at your beautiful eyes and that great hair, and won't notice your teeth.

Have you seen the show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"?

If not, the premise is: five gay guys invade the life of a hopelessly fashion-blind straight guy and turn him into an enthusiastic and well-groomed metrosexual, often to the drooling delight of their significant other (below is a photo of the "Fab Five").

According to a recent dating survey, people regard teeth as an important factor when assessing a potential romantic partner.

In fact, 62 percent of respondents said a person’s smile was the very first thing they noticed upon meeting, with body types and eyes ranking equally for a distant second, and complexion and fashion sense tied for third.

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(Photo to the left here is Gwen Stefani in metal brackets).

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