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Dating tattooed girls

The point is when I see a tattoo, I become intrigued 1)because only a small minority of women have tattoos and 2)because there must be some story behind it, and I want to find out more.Most girls I know do not have tattoos because they are too afraid to have something permanently emblazoned on their bodies, so when I see a girl with one, I see someone with courage, someone willing to take a chance to make a firm decision to stick with something permanently.Stereotypes exist because they are usually true but there are always some exceptions.Chris, What "tattooed people" prefer to be called "inked"?But while there may be an association between feeling desirable, and feeling desire, there’s no reason to believe there's a cause-and-effect relationship.Most women take great pains with their appearance, yet recent studies suggest that up to one-third feel low libido or none at all. If new earrings and other fashion statements imply nothing about women’s sexual availability, why should tattoos?

She was wearing jeans and a top that revealed a tattoo on her lower back, a colorful bird in flight. According to one recent survey, compared with ink-free women, men were more likely to approach tattooed women, and more likely to believe that they were sexually available.The researchers, 20 yards away, discreetly observed what transpired.Among women without the tattoo, an average of 11 men struck up conversations.A heavily-tattooed female often not just suffers from self-esteem but a unusually high desire for attention even if they stand out for the wrong reasons.Many parents will not allow their daughters to cover themselves in tattoos to avoid portraying themselves negatively so those who do so are likely to be estranged from their families or brought up in households with very liberal life values & attitudes - including looser standards on modesty, promiscuity, etc.

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As a woman with a full-sleeve and various other tattoos I prefer not to be labeled as "inked" or defined in any way by my tattoos.

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