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Proximity dating

Who knows, for office workers in big cities, it may even be possible to set up a Bluetooth-enabled base station in a shopfront outside a subway station or a busy downtown mall and scan the crowd for potential partners.As the service has only just launched, the biggest problem will be driving the installed base to critical mass.

The Proxidating site currently lists 25 models of mobile phone that are compatible with Proxidating, and Kangourouge expects its software will be compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled phones within a few months.With PIX, Xenofreaks have hit on an idea that may change the way people interact with each other, especially those whom we don't know, but would like to.Communication and interaction is the basis of the new Korean product PIX, an interactive visual display device that has just hit the market.Looking at the functionality of this system from another perspective, if the software were developed to be better at matching needs (buyers/sellers/, boy/girl and other mating pairings, investors/entrepreneurs/intermediaries) it would be able to offer a significant subset of the capabilities of the n TAG system.By no means would it offer all of the functionality of the ingenious n TAG system, but enough to be much better than paper badges, and at a fraction of the cost of dedicated servers.

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There may well be 1.7 billion mobile phone users in the world, but it's the number of compatible Proxidating users that counts, and right now there aren't many.

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