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Tom golisano dating

) Tom Golisano Edit: Maybe she is with someone else since this post, unless its a very new posting..even worse, she is seeing two people.

Could Monica Seles’ engagement to Tom Golisano eventually mean she will be owner of the Buffalo Bills if the sale goes through?

Haters of Donald Trump and Jon Bon Jovi may rejoice at that bit of news.

In a related report by , Monica Seles first began dating the much older billionaire back in 2009.

Charles Pellien, one of four fans who came up with the Bon Jovi boycott, says they have nothing against Bon Jovi but they are taking a stand for their team: The good news is that Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that if he were the new owner he would not try and move the Buffalo Bill to another city.

He also claims to be quite serious about the Buffalo Bills sale and would invest in upgrading the stadium if he became the new owner.

It was during a changeover when she was suddenly stabbed in the back, literally.

Buffalo Sabres owner and upstate king-maker Thomas Golisano, 67 — credited with convincing two rogue Democratic senators to join forces with the GOP — has been spotted for months squiring around Seles, 35.It’s game, set and engagement for tennis hall of famer Monica Seles and former gubernatorial candidate Tom Golisano.Golisano, 72, announced he and 40-year-old Seles were getting married during an appearance at an upstate high school Thursday, according to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. Calls to Golisano’s office and charity foundation were not immediately returned.Golisano has been dating the now-retired nine-time Grand Slam winner since 2009 and has put the Buffalo Sabres up for sale in 2011.At present, he is campaigning to purchase the Bills and keep the team in Buffalo.

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GOLISANO WAS POWER BEHIND ALBANY COUP PUSH When asked yesterday if the two were a pair, the normally unflappable Paychex founder — who was making the interview rounds all over the state capital — seemed taken aback. ” said Golisano, clearly more comfortable talking policy than romance.