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Tony horton dating

I did completely overhaul my eating plan on my own and am making it work for me.

If you can follow the eating plan that's provided, more power to you.

Each day alternates a different workout - day 1 is cardio, day 2 is circuit (weights), day 3 is cardio, etc. Some other reviewers have noted that this becomes redundant and I can't completely disagree, but for those of us who struggle from the gate find the repetition beneficial for mastering proper form and technique.

I'm still giving it 5 stars because it put me on the path to a better/healthier me (as corny as that sounds). In April 2013, I joined the gym and began working out four days a week.

The package comes with a two-DVD set (Level 1-2 and Level 3-4), a resistance band, measuring tape, eating guide and workout manual with progress calendar.

I must mention that I do not at all follow the eating guide as it is not something that works for me (in this "lose the weight in 90 days" business, you're always going to get some unrealistic propaganda).

Over the last 5 years I regained all 100 pounds plus an additional 20.

I topped out at 260 (I'm 5'7") with a 48" waist in January 2010.

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I think you would really need to push yourself with your weight choices etc to see results. I was so incredibly sore, and couldn't get out of bed. I kept pushing play and decided to eat healthier (I DID NOT order the Shakeology drinks they keep advertising).