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So if you are having problems with video, don't suspect directx (both 7.0a and 8 have run SPWAW just fine on my machine), look towards the video driver, the monitor or the monitor settings for the desktop. quote: Originally posted by gmenfan: Did you try reinstalling the upgrade after you updated the video card and Direct X drivers? If so you can try HP's website for the most up to date drivers for your system.

I've got a 3dfx Voodoo 3 card, and I have updated all of the Direct X and video card driver as of this morning. Did you try reinstalling the upgrade after you updated the video card and Direct X drivers?

I've heard some people using this product helped cure some of their problems. I installed the Campaign program, but receive the following error message: Direct Draw Initialization Error #2005532552. Direct X 8.0 has had it's share of reported problems but Direct X 8.0a (which is the most current)cleared up about 99% of the problems encountered with previous version of 8.0 Those of you with problems using Voo Doo chipset's I'm sorry but most of those problems have always been related to the video card drivers and or settings, so it would be in your best interest to make sure they are the most current and fiddle with settings to try and make it work.

I have installed on different display scales (800 x 600, etc...), attempted all the patches and updated all drivers. Good luck I have a suggestion: find the README file from the last video driver you loaded and see which version of Direct X it supports.

This week in Matrix #23Sanctus Reach Tournament Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Tournament - Grand Finale Hi, When I try to play Steel Panthers: Wa W I have the message Direct draw initialization error #2005532552 pops up and I can not play the game.

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There it would probably be more obvious that it has some balance issues.