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Wpf updating ui asynchronously

Through a sample application I will first demonstrate what a non-responsive UI is and how you get one.

Next I will demonstrate how to make the UI responsive through asynchronous code.

Sometimes it is not necessary to update the user interface that quickly. Send is a synchronous operation and will wait for an answer or action completed from the call, where as Post is asynchronous where it makes the call to the UI thread and continues without waiting for a reply.

In this example it wouldn’t appear to make much difference which of the 2 you use, but we have used Post as we do not require to wait for a reply as we are just posting some data to be shown on the screen.

Please note that with some minor modifications the code in this article and in the downloadable source code can be run for a Windows Form application also.

In addition this article is showing how to solve a specific problem with asynchronous programming, by no means though is this the only problem asynchronous programming is used for.

Run the application, and click the Start button under Synchronous Demo.This is another simple example that will help you to make your applications more responsive.Although this example used Winforms as that is the space I am in at the moment, it is just as relevant for WPF too.By using a delegate you can make the call synchronously now, and later switch to an asynchronous call with little effort.I'm not going to go into too much more detail on delegates but the key to remember is that the signature of the delegate must exactly match the signature of the function (or Sub in VB) it will later reference.

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Fortunately, fixing this issue is quite straight forward with async await. The purpose of this class is to provide a model to make communication between threads easier and more robust. If it is within 50ms, then the method returns, otherwise it carries on.