Xcode resources not updating

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Xcode resources not updating

Note that the SFML dependencies of your project are added to your application bundle in a similar in which the resources are added.This is done so that your application will run out of the box on another Mac without any prior installation of SFML or its dependencies.This commitment assures that developers are forced to stop work and smell the roses, as Apple promotes appreciation for our beautiful planet and life outside of the IDE window.Under such circumstances, you’ll be better off downloading the bossy full-figured 5GB dmg than upgrading a model-thin Chanel-wearing 2.6GB differential, especially when servers are mocking you with Nanana NAN completion estimates. No matter how long it takes to appear on the developer site.

Then, in order to start developing SFML applications, you have to install the following items: The other files in the project are not very relevant for us here.So once logged into your Developer account add downloads to the address in the address bar so it shows as https://developer.apple.com/downloads and then press enter.You should then be at the Downloads for Apple Developers section as shown in the cropped clip below.Apple has taken its passion for the slow data delivery movement beyond its products and introduced it into its upgrade practices.As part of their continuing mission to leave the world a better place, Apple delivers beautiful products using the most impact-free transmission.

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I accepted the workaround even though it's not exactly an answer to the question as asked.

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